Plattensammlung / CD collection
va - Darkness Is Thy Kingdom - A Journey Into Dark-Metal Sounds Volume 2
EFA 61624-2
(p)&(c) 1999 Angelwings
Distribution by EFA Medien
1-01 Therion Crowning Of Atlantis
1-02 Samael Together
1-03 Tristania Heretique
1-04 Amorphis Divinity
1-05 Lacuna Coil Circle
1-06 Samsas Traum Aber Die Liebe Hört Niemals Auf (Unmastered Version)
1-07 Hypocrisy Fractured Millennium
1-08 Dimmu Borgir The Promised Future Aeons
1-09 Dark Tranquillity FreeCard
1-10 Dr. Death Somewhere In Nowhere
1-11 Godgory Resurrection
1-12 Graveworm Behind The Curtain Of Darkness
1-13 Kreator Golden Age
1-14 Lake Of Tears Pagan Wish
1-15 Vintersorg Vidmarkens Förtrollande Stämmor
2-01 Raventhrone Intro / Malice Garden
2-02 Evenfall Forbidden Tales
2-03 Mactätus Draped In Shadows Of Satan's Pride
2-04 Nightwish The Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean
2-05 Tiamat As Long As You Are Mine
2-06 Immortal Tragedies Blows At Horizon
2-07 Nightfall The Sheer Misfit
2-08 Penumbra Lycanthrope
2-09 Crematory Waiting
2-10 Gloomy Grim Say Just Words
2-11 On Thorns I Lay Crystal Eyes
2-12 Evereve Misery's Dawn
2-13 Yearning Naiveté
2-14 Trail Of Tears When Silence Cries
2-15 Summoning Long Lost Where No Pathman Goes