Plattensammlung / CD collection
va - Gospels from your Stereo
(c) 2006 Strobelight Records
1 Shadow Reichenstein It's Halloween
2 Scarlet's Remains Metall Heiligenschein
3 Frustration On The Rise
4 Pins And Needles Specimen
5 Monozid Draussen
6 Other Voices But A Chill Runs Among Your Spine
7 Collapsing New People Collapse Collide Capitulate
8 Cauda Pavonis Carnival Noir
9 Tragic Black Faith In Decay
10 Hatesex The Vapor Chariot
11 The Other In The Dead Of Night
12 Eat Your Make Up The Sixteenth
13 Bloody Dead And Sexy A Friend In Mescalin
14 Mighty Sphincter Dark Awakening
15 Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space A Deeper Shade Of Red
16 Deadchovsky Falling Curtain
17 Formfleisch Maschine
18 Bohemien Specchio
19 All Gone Dead Vivid Still Beating