Plattensammlung / CD collection
va - Transmission 81-89 - The French Cold Wave
FIN 006
1 Asylum Party The Sabbath
2 Baroque Bordello Today
3 Clair Obscur The Pilgrim's Progress (Instrumental)
4 Complot Bronswick Born In A Cage
5 End Of Data I You Like, Follow Me & So
6 Exces Nocturne L'Echo Des Lumières
7 Gestalt Deuxième Ombre
8 Guerre Froide Demain Berlin
9 Kas Product One Of A Kind
10 Leitmotiv Attendre Encore
11 L'Enfance Eternelle Behind The Beauty
12 Martin Dupont I Met The Beast
13 Norma Loy Power Of Spirit
14 Opera De Nuit Ami Amant
15 Opera Multi Steel Un Froid Seul
16 Pavillion 7B Black Generation
17 Resistance Across The Ocean
18 Tanit Can An Actor Bleed