Plattensammlung / CD collection
va - Gospels from your Stereo vol. II
(c) 2007 Strobelight Records
1 Solemn Novena As Darkness Falls
2 Pink Turns Blue Break It
3 Scarlet's Remains Children Write On Missiles
4 Antiworld Goddess Of The Silent Screen (rough mix)
5 Shadow Reichenstein Black Car
6 Echoes Of Silence Changes
7 Zurück Placenta Demain
8 Doppelgänger I Won't Listen To You Now!!!
9 The Guests Black Clouds, Red Skies
10 Ex-Voto I Can See Right Through You
11 Charlotte's Shadow Hush
12 Le Vene Di Lucretia Madre Nella Veglia
13 Deadchovsky Cosmic Sight
14 The Last Days Of Jesus Positive
15 Astrovamps Monsters In Tinsel Town
16 Dead End Guys Entombed
17 Zombina And The Skeletones Evil Science
18 Black Ice Signals