Plattensammlung / CD collection
va - Transmission Continued 84-96 More French Cold Wave
FIN 026
1 L'An III Les Enfants
2 Anechoic Chamber Lies
3 B. Says... Rock Star
4 Bunkerstrasse Suicide
5 Collection D'Arnell-Andrea A L'Aurore Assassine
6 Les Provisoires Ask (to) The Woman
7 Little Nemo Blue Years
8 Lucie Cries Les Amants De Lucie
9 MKB Fraction Provisoire Radio Tirana
10 Movement Retreat
11 Neutral Project Ideal?
12 Paralleles De Montsegur Les Anges D├ęchus
13 Pro Memoria Cindirella
14 Rise And Fall Of A Decade Lisbeth
15 Seconde Chambre Marie
16 Spina Bifida Renaissance Du Froid
17 Therese Racket Passions
18 Wallenberg The Silence Or The Death