Plattensammlung / CD collection
va - Pagan Love Songs Antitainment Compilation
AIW 132
2004 Alice in... / Dark Dimensions
1-01 Corpus Delicti Absent Friend
1-02 Madre Del Vizio Madre
1-03 Sex Gang Children Mauritia Mayer (7'' version)
1-04 Vendemmian Transition
1-05 Antiworld Banshee
1-06 Asmodi Bizarr Spin The Wheel
1-07 Norma Loy Lesbische Voodoo Teenager
1-08 Devilish Presley She's Not America
1-09 Katzenjammer Kabarett Eve At The Mansion
1-10 Cinema Strange Nightfalls
1-11 Mephisto Walz I Want
1-12 Faith And The Muse The Burning Season (live & unplugged in Rome)
1-13 Black Ice Broken Pieces
1-14 The Other Hyde Inside
1-15 Kontakt 46 feat. Suse von Bond Moldau
1-16 Hans-A-Plast Monstertanz
1-17 Secret Discovery Zerstörer
1-18 New Days Delay Stereokatastrophe
1-19 The Epoxies Please Please
2-01 Frank The Baptist The Brandishing Time
2-02 Swans Of Avon A Kiss Of A Windflower (Rainbow Mix)
2-03 Scissor Pretty Somersault
2-04 The Cold Summernight
2-05 Die Laughing Queen Of Swords
2-06 Cadra Ash Call To Remembrance
2-07 Passion Play Saints (Martyr Remix)
2-08 Caprifischer Wir flieh'n für einen Tag
2-09 Brotherhood Of Pagans Resurrection
2-10 Bohémien Eclissi (dell anima)
2-11 Murder At The Registry Your Pagan Heart
2-12 The Vanishing Terror, I've been dying to meet you
2-13 Bloody Dead And Sexy Crystal Clear (Demo Décadence)
2-14 The Plague Naraka
2-15 The Deep Eynde The Passion
2-16 Pink Turns Blue Walking On Both Sides (Special Edit)
2-17 Frankenstein Lovecraft
2-18 Bella Morte The coffin don't want me, and she don't either
2-19 Vampire Beach Babes Tomb Mau Mau